Murder Mountain Trailhead


We are currently updating and upgrading the website with all current information on our gangs and our cast members. Check around the site for new information on the artists.

News (8/16/07):

Armonikos has released there debut "self titled" EP, you can pick it up at Everyday Music or at one of their shows. Soon it will be available on the Murder Mountain Online Store.

We are gearing up for the Release of Howlin' Lane Fernando and The Angels of Sin's new EP. Release will likely coincide with their appearince on Late Night With Conan O'Brian on August 22nd.

The Mission Orange is steping back into the studio in the next few weeks to begin recording their first full length. The producing team will consist of our own Bug Jerome as well as John Van Deusen of The Lonely Forest. Expect the album to be out sometime late 2007.